How to Shave With the Gillette Heritage DE Razor

Before I go into how to shave with this Gillette Heritage double edge safety razor, I would like to let you know what inspired me to purchase this razor.

First off, this razor is built in two different countries. The handle is built in the United States and the head is built in Germany by Muhle.

The Heritage razor is the first 3 piece razor built by Gillette in over 30 years. This razor is a closed comb razor. The handle is made of a chrome plated alloy. The two piece head or capguard is also made of chrome plated alloy but it does not have the traditional Gillette date markings. The only marking on the inside of the curved capguard is the number 4. I have no idea what this number stands for unless is stands for the fourth quarter to represent when this razor was released to the public. I am guessing on this!

There were a couple of things that inspired me to purchase this razor for my collection.

1) I liked the build quality of this razor.

2) I had to have this Gillette DE razor because Gillette has not produced a double edge razor for over 30 years.

Gillette Platinum Blades

The 5 blades that came with the razor are the Gillette Platinum blades made in Russia. I found that these blades used in other razors as well as in the Gillette Heritage DE razor were just average in comfort and sharpness.

I have to say that the first shave with this shaver and blades was just average due to the blades. On my next shave I will use a Persona Red or Astra Green blade. I really believe that I will experience a different shave with these blades.

The blade sits secure in the razor head. You can be assured that the blade will not move in the head of this razor when shaving.


Blade Overhang

Once the blade, razor head and handle are securely attached you will notice that there is a small amount of overhang of the razor.    This usually will not be an issue if you are careful when shaving around the nose. The benefit of this overhang will allow you to carefully grip the razor blade and head of the razor with you index finger and thumb. If you grip the both the razor blade and razor head in this manner it will provide a certain degree of safety. 

The entire razor weighs 63 grams and feels comfortably heavy in the hand when shaving. The weight of this razor seems to be perfect for its given size.



The Gillette Heritage Handle Described

Looking closer at the handle, which is made in the United States, you will see that the knurling on this razor looks and feels great when shaving. When your hands are wet, the razor will not slip out of your hands.


Properties of the Gillette Heritage DE Razor

  • Stainless steel single blade delivers a clean, close shave and resists rust
  • Twist Top releases plate to load blade and premium, chrome Plated handle brings a historic design to your daily shave
  • Modern closed comb design is less aggressive than older open comb designs
  • Razor for both men and women, suitable for shaving your face and body
  • Gillette’s first double edge safety razor in more than 30 years

How the Gillette Heritage Razor is Packaged

The razor comes beautifully package in a hard shell brown leather-like case. Enclosed within this case is the razor, 5 blades and an instruction sheet.

If you are new to wet shaving the instruction sheet included with the razor will guide you through your first shave.


How to Shave With This Razor

  1. Wash your face with soap and water to clean your face and soften your whiskers. If you use Brut soap it will also make your face slippery and help guide the razor blade gently across your face.
  2. Insert the razor blade of your choice into your razor. If you are new to wet shaving I would recommend a Wilkinson Sword blade. These blades are not overly sharp but will shave your whiskers efficiently. If you are a more experienced wet shaver, then blades from the Feather blade down through the Astra Green or Persona Red blades, etc will do just fine.
  3. The next step would be selecting the shaving soap or cream.  If you are new to wet shaving I would recommend that you use a cream shaving soap like Gillette Pure or Cremo Shaving Soap. If you either of these soaps, you do not have to use a brush to lather them. If you want to use a brush, use it with the Gillette Pure soap because it will lather beautifully with a brush if you place the soap on your face first. There are all kinds of brushes but I would recommend a synthetic brush such as the RazorRock Plisssoft brush. Refer to the video below to view the entire procedure.
  4. Once your face is washed and you have applied your shaving soap, warm your razor under hot water.
  5. Decide at this point if you want to have only one pass or two or three. I would suggest no more passes that two passes to begin with until you gain more experience.
  6. On the first pass you should go with the grain of your whisker growth. It might be a good idea to map your facial whisker growth direction. These patterns are different for everyone.
  7. Make sure that you flip the razor over to use the other side of the razor blade.
  8. Once you are finished, rinse you face with cold water to close the pores.
  9. Use an Alum Block or Steptic pencil if necessary to help seal any nicks that occured.
  10. I would apply some Witch Hazel such as Humpherys to sooth the skin.
  11. At this point, a balm moisturizer such as Duke Cannon’s would be great. This will replace the moisture that was removed during the shaving process.

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