RazoRock Plissoft Disruptor Synthetic Shaving Brush

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Knot size: 22 mm x 57 mm
Height: ~117 mm,
Weight: ~86 grams

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The recent addition to our RazoRock Plissoft shaving brush line is the FAUX HORN Disruptor. The similar great Plissoft fiber found in our best-selling 24 mm Plissoft brushes but this one has a special heavy resin, faux horn deal with, with a 22 mm knot. Perfect for those wet shavers in search of a smaller and more traditional knot size. All of the RazoRock Plissoft shaving brushes are vegan friendly and require absolutely no break-in period. For over a year now, there was a synthetic shaving brush that is been all-the-rage within the traditional wet shaving community and sells for between thirty and fifty dollars. RazoRock has sourced The similar knot and mated it to a heavy resin deal with with our RazoRock name engraved at the base. This brush is a fully joy to lather with and is uber soft at the face. The weight and quality of the deal with is going to blow you away at this price-point! ,
Knot size: 22 mm x 57 mm
Height: ~117 mm,
Weight: ~86 grams
The similar great Plissoft fiber!



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