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The Beaufort B1 is the smallest of the popular Beaufort line, all of which are made as turned handles fitted with dense Pure Badger hair knots. The distinctive shape of the deal with not only looks stylish (and rather reminiscent of some vintage designs), but allows good keep watch over for plenty of lathering styles. Some of the best shaving brushes for a beginner looking to jump in with a high-end brand, Simpsons’ Pure Badger hair is carefully chosen, and their hair knots are dense and carefully crafted. Which means their smaller brushes and lower hair grades compare favourably to larger, higher grade brushes from other manufacturers. An excellent choice of brush that are supposed to perform especially well with a shaving mug and hard soap or a luxury shaving cream. Since 1919, Simpsons shaving brushes have been one of the crucial best shaving products to be made in the UK. Founded by Alexander Simpson in the East End of London, they’ve survived two changes in premises (one thanks to the Blitz in 1941), a decline and revival in the fortunes of traditional wet-shaving, and a takeover by the almost as old and equally well-regarded Progress Vulfix. A Simpsons shaving brush, especially a Silvertip badger brush, is among the highest status symbols in wet-shaving, but all of their brushes are excellent performers.



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