Colonel X2L Best Badger Brush- Simpson Shaving Brushes – Faux Ivory Handle Price: $51.93 (as of 20/10/2020 12:47 PST- Details)

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Simpsons: The Colonel shaving brush is full of best badger hair, with a very easy to grip Care for that Simpsons describes as: military-style (though in comparison to the one genuine military issue brush we have seen, this one should be in dress uniform!). Very well-reviewed on forums, with good reputation for lathering soaps both in the bowl and on the face. 100mm in height. Simpsons were founded in 1919 by Alexander Simpson, and initially made brushes in the East End of London. The business and its reputation unexpectedly grew, and in 1924 Simpsons relocated to Clapham. The factory used to be unfortunately destroyed by German bombing in 1941, at which point they relocated a second time to the West Country. In 2008 Simpsons brushes were acquired by the more recently founded but no less well regarded brush-maker, Progress Vulfix, who have continued the tradition of entirely handmade brushes the usage of the traditional techniques. Care for height: 52 mm Bristle loft: 50 mm Knot diameter: 22 mm Handmade in England




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