TRBOWL2: Timeless Razor’s BLUE Shaving Bowl Price: $14.00 (as of 19/10/2020 12:49 PST- Details)

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Timeless Razor’s new shaving bowl is plastic injection molded from a shatter proof / crack proof super strong high have an effect on polypropylene polymer. Made right here in our factory by us in the united states. This implausible taking a look bowl will likely be perfect for those of you who shuttle. You shouldn’t have to worry about it breaking if you happen to drop it. It also holds heat longer than higher priced ceramic or stainless steel shaving bowls. The raised pattern within the bottom and sides of this shaving bowl make whipping up a really perfect lather easy. Rinses clean with water. Dimensions: HEIGHT: 2 3/4″: INSIDE DIAMETER: Bottom: 3 1/4″ Top: 4 7/16″ WEIGHT: 119 GRAMS: 0.26 LBS.






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