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You might have tried a badger brush, now try something somewhat different – a horse hair brush. Spanish masters Vie-Long are shaving brush experts. They saw how elegant a horses’ mane is, and thought it could work great in a shaving brush. Not only does it have unique bristles, the Vie-Long Horse Hair Shaving Brush has a ravishing deep, wine red deal with too – with a rarely seen curved square shape. A will have to for each keen shaver. The Vie-Long Horse Hair Shaving Brush’s deal with and bristles are sure to make it a distinctive piece in someone’s shaving collection. Soak the brush in hot water for a minute, then shake off the surplus. Use a dab of soap or cream to whip up thick lather, and use it on your face with small, circular motions. Apply again before each pass of the razor. Leave to dry with the bristles pointing down to keep it in pristine condition.




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