Vie-Long Peleon Horse Hair Shaving Brush, Red Handle Price: $25.00 (as of 21/09/2020 08:50 PST- Details)

At the side of the Cachurro the Peleon brush is an elegant spin of a good taking a look and expensive brush. The classy red take care of looks made of a precious stone perfectlly fits with the natural horse hair that the brush is made of. Stiffer on the base and steadily softer on the tip the brush offers a flexible and easy to take care of shave for any wet shaver. Very consistent through out the years Vie-Long is a respected Spanish brand since 1940 ofering not only shaving brushes but additionally make-up brushes made of selected badger and horse hair. Among only a few which are still keeping the pony hair tradition in brush making Vie-Long is a manufacturer that still uses handcrafted processes to provide their brushes. Overall height: 103 mm. Handmade in Spain



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